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Stealth With a Fly DVD featuring Dean Bell

Latest Release from Stealth Films featuring Dean Bell.

The Dead Drift DVD- featuring Dean Bell

Available for preview and purchase here! I recently got my hands on a copy of "The Dead Drift" the latest offering for Stealth Films of New Zealand. There are a lot of fly fishing films out there. Lately the style of film that has been popular is the intense fish porn variety. Lots of music and jumping fish, slow motion takes and screaming reels. Nothing wrong with that, and it makes you want to fish but you don't learn much from those films. "The Dead Drift" is not that kind of film. It's beautifully filmed and full of great fishing moments but what sets it apart for me is the educational value. Host, Dean Bell, does a remarkable job of explaining his strategy as well as tactics while vacuuming some lovely New Zealand rivers. If your like me you don't need a DVD to tell you that you want to fish New Zealand but there's a lot to be said for one that tells you how to make your trip a success. Louie Cahill, USA.

Many years ago I fly fished a wilderness river in the heart of Fiordland in South Island New Zealand. Fishing for trout in this river had everything a fly fisherman is looking for - water as clear as air, a healthy population of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout that monstered dry fles freely from the surface, and scenery surpassing anything in the world. I had truly found a fly anglers paradise! - Advanced water and fish analysis before that all important first cast - How to fish for trout in difficult situations - Selection of fly fishing flies - Fly casting options - where, when & why - Too many trout fishing tips to mention.