Fly Fishing DVD: 'The Dead Drift' - Fly FIshing Video

Fly Fishing DVD: 'The Dead Drift' - Fly FIshing Video

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"This is hunting/stalking, sight fishing on clear streams for large browns and rainbows (trout). Dean Bell has earned a reputatoin as one of New Zealands best, if not the best, guides. His fishing advice defines the sport." - John Randolph, Editor-in-Chief, Fly Fisherman magazine.


Many years ago I fly fished a wilderness river in the heart of Fiordland in South Island New Zealand. Fishing for trout in this river had everything a fly fisherman is looking for - water as clear as air, a healthy population of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout that monstered dry fles freely from the surface, and scenery surpassing anything in the world. I had truly found a fly anglers paradise! - Advanced water and fish analysis before that all important first cast - How to fish for trout in difficult situations - Selection of fly fishing flies - Fly casting options - where, when & why - Too many trout fishing tips to mention

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